Here We Go…

It is amazing how challenging it is to simply START this process. Second guessing every word that comes to mind and doubting that I can do this the RIGHT way. So, instead of listening to that voice creating doubt in my mind, I am just jumping right in…and allowing myself to end  a sentence with a preposition.

Ah, easier said than done. What is this about anyway? well, this blog is how I am going to document the steps I take to publish a book, start a website and start my business designing patterns and whatever places the process leads me to. (another preposition, yikes!)

That said, I sit here trying to decide what should come first. I have been researching a little bit of everything as a way to get started. So, perhaps a list of my favorite websites and blogs is a good place to start: I adore this site… It makes me feel vaguely jealous, because it’s a site I would love to produce. The ideas, the tools, the stuff! Another site I covet. The owners of this site sent their child to the same nurserty school that I sent my children. I’ve been jealous ever since I learned that they had a success business selling fabrics i love. When I returned to the site today, I realized that now Hawthorne Threads designs their own, adorable line of fabric. Oh my goodness! I want to do this!!! Kim Werker is who I want to be when i grow up! Let her inspire you to make something ugly. I love this site for several reasons: (1) it’s owned by a woman (2) who lives locally (3) who has made herself a successful business (4) selling beautiful and unique fabrics. What is there not to love?

Next, I need to start writing the instructions for my patterns. The plan, (1) design ornaments; (2) write the instructions; (3) sew prototypes; (4) photograph my steps; (5) blog it; and (6) send on to my partner in crime for pattern checking. (7) Repeat.

For today, I am off to start the first (actually, the second pattern. I have already made one pattern and it was a failure) original ornament. – Just choosing the pattern to try is daunting. I have several ideas sketched, but doubts are creeping in… for instance, should they all be circles? Are the square ugly? Can this be done? Yes, and I’ll start with the square…..I’m off.