The Kim Christmas Ornament

Today I started a new ornament which I designed for my friend Kim. She is planning to have her own Christmas tree this year using her favorite “girlie” ornaments. I wanted to make her something feminine and pretty. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and decided on the shape and idea for embroidered flowers. Though I’m not finished, here is a photo of where I left off.


Since I think I would use this shape in the future, I decided to make a plastic template rather than just using tracing paper. My process is to sketch out my shape on graph paper. Next I use a Sharpie around the outline so I can see it through the tracing paper or plastic.

As for the plastic I use for templates, you can purchase clear Template Plastic sheets (12″ x 18″) for about $3.50 at Joann Fabrics. You can also purchase plastic sheets with graph paper squares printed on them. However, my go-to template material is something I purchase at Staples. I use Avery’s durable write-on poly dividers.

These are much cheaper than the sheets I’ve found at Joann Fabrics. They come with five sheets (8.5″ x 11″) for about $4.29. The sheets are different colors. They are not clear, but sharpie lines are easy to see through them.

Next, after tracing the outline of the ornament on the plastic and cutting it out, I put a couple of pieces of double-sided tape on the back of the template and pressed it on the piece of pink felt I chose for the base of the ornament.


I also made a template of the top piece of the ornament. Following the same procedure as I used above, I made the template and cut out a piece of gray felt.

I use the craft felt at joann fabrics, Walmart and Michaels. It costs less than $.50 for a sheet (8″ x 11″). Depending on the size of your ornament, you can make several ornaments from a single sheet and they cost next to nothing.

For this project, I decided the stitch a couple of lines across the top piece. I used an outline stitch with two strands of embroidery floss. I used the running stitch to secure re gray top piece to the pink base. After making he two lines, I used an appliqué stitch to secure the bottom of the gray top piece to the pink base. I like to applique my large pieces so they are secure. It makes the finished piece more durable. In this piece, I chose not to applique the top or sides, because I will do so when I put the back on later.

Next, I went to my scraps of felt and freehand cut out several small green leaves, three hot pink circles and two daisies. I didn’t applique these small pieces. Instead I used one strand of green floss to see a leaf vein on each leaf which secured each leaf. I sewed a tiny bead on the flowers which I used to secure the flowers. Finally, using 2 strands of blue embroidery floss and a running stitch I made curlicues.

I’ll finish the embroidery tomorrow. I’m thinking of personalizing this with Kim’s name. What do you think? Leave your ideas in the comments. Thanks for your help.